Wonder Woman In Danger

Wonder Woman In Danger

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A Fetish Super-Heroine Parody! Danger Is Everywhere! Wonder Woman Vs The Cheetah and Lady Death! Super-heroine Lesbians! Part 1 Cheetah On The Prowl The Cheetah is on the loose. But Wonder Woman was expecting her. After they meet a fight breaks out and the Cheetah gets the upper hand with her deadly claws. She will be doing the unthinkable to Wonder Woman. And poor, helpless Wonder Woman will have to take the humiliation. But once Cheetah leaves her, Wonder Woman is quick to turn the tables on the Cheetah and waits for her return. Now it`s Wonder Woman`s turn to get back at Cheetah. What will happen next? It`s not over yet! Part 2 Taking Wonder Woman`s Soul Men and women of all ages have been disappearing. After many days of tracing clues, Wonder Woman finds herself on a remote island inside an abandoned prison. This place is creepy and there are all kinds of scary noises and paranormal activity. Suddenly Lady Death appears in front of her. Who is this mysterious creature? She comes from hell and she is roaming the city taking human souls back to hell. If she can bring back more souls than Lucifer, then she will win hell over Lucifer. But, she senses that Wonder Woman is different and is going to find out why. Bad luck for Wonder Woman. Lady Death has been resurrected! Part 3 Going Under: Wonder Woman In Peril Supergirl has been missing and Wonder Woman is investigating her disappearance. She is roaming through a dark, silent building, trying to find clues. That`s when she comes across something suspicious and decides to find out what it is. All of the sudden, she finds herself trapped in a white, sand-like substance. Unable to move her feet, she tries to struggle but it seems to make things worse. Soon she is completely stuck and starts to sink. No one is around to help Wonder Woman this time. The end is near!

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